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Let's Unlock the Code Within You

  • Have you tried every fad diet and the weight just comes back on in an instant?

  • Are you tired all the time?

  • Are anxiety and depression holding you back from living your life?

  • Do you struggle with injuries from exercising or find that hours at the gym are not helping you to reach your weight loss goals?

  • Are you suffering from chronic pain and inflammation?

  • Have you tried multiple medications and feel like you've exhausted all your options?

Available Panels

The Future of Personalized
Medicine and Nutrition is Here

At-home genetic testing is now available at Ally Pharmacy. Get personalized recommendations for your lifestyle, diet, and supplements.

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Man Jogging

General Wellness

If you are overall healthy and are looking for nutritional guidance, this panel is for you. If you have no significant family history of disease, but are looking for an overall health/fitness plan or an anti-aging program, this is the panel for you. Even if you have basic problems with intestinal health and allergies, you can select this panel.

Sad on Couch

Foundation, Methylation, 

Wellness Panel

Methylation occurs in nearly 250 biochemical processes in the body, especially in making key neurotransmitters,  cell turnover and repair, and energy and immune function. If you are seeking nutritional guidance, have either serotonin or dopamine deficiency symptoms, mood disorders, chronic fatigue, neurological symptoms, immune disorders, or detoxification issues, consider this panel.

Stomach Ache

Immune, Auto-Immune, Inflammation

This panel is ideal for patients suffering from breathing disorders (asthma, COPD), chronic infections, skin and joint disorders, inflammatory bowel disorders, chronic dry eyes/mouth, thyroid disorders, chronic fatigue, or any auto-immune disease.


Neuro, Psych, Mood Panel

Struggling with concentrating or focus? Do you have chronic migraines? This panel will also look for anxiety, depression, and mood gene variants as well as the potential for memory loss and deterioration. 

Joint Pain

Chronic Pain

We have a new approach for treating chronic pain. If you suffer from joint pain, inflammatory bowel syndrome, stomach pain, headaches/migraines, feelings of pin/needles, back spasms, or unexplained pain not from a trauma, consider this panel. We will test for gene variants for inflammation markers, chemical detoxification, glutathione metabolism, and neurotransmitters. 

Yoga Pose

Diet and Wellness

Tired of the fad diets that never keep the weight off? Frustrated with trying different exercises and never seeing lasting results? This panel is for patients who want a lifestyle, diet, and exercise program that works for their bodies. No more long hours at the gym. No more trying every diet out. You'll have a customized plan so you can get back to living a healthy life.

Sorting Medicine

Pharmacogenomics (PGx)

Have you experienced drug reactions to various medications or have a family history of drug reactions? Do you have chemical sensitivities? Genetic variations in the metabolism of medications may lead to high concentrations of drugs and an increased risk of side effects for patients who are slow metabolizers, for example. This panel will review the interactions between your genes and commonly prescribed medications. You'll receive a report of medications that will work for your body versus those you should avoid. The future of personalized medicine is here. 


Schedule a free 15 minute consult with our pharmacists.


Prep your sample with our at-home test kit. It takes less than 1 minute.


Send your sample to the lab. Results come back to the pharmacy for review. We'll call you to set up a review session.


Your pharmacist will create a lifestyle, diet, and supplement plan customized to your results.

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