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Your new ally in better health

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9 AM TO 6 PM


1800 W Caro Road, Suite 1

Caro, Michigan 48723


Monday - Friday:  9 AM - 6 PM

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed


Message us below with any questions.

Phone: 989-589-0069

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Our Pharmacy on Your Device
  • Manage yours and your family’s medications in one profile

  • Set medication reminders

  • Order refills 24/7

  • Message your pharmacy team

  • Find your pharmacy information such as location and pharmacy hours

What Makes Us Different

We believe in health. Health encompasses so many things within it. From the physical to the mental, to the spiritual, to overall wellness. We believe that by working on one thing at a time, we will be able to help our patients achieve better health.

We believe in quality. From the vitamins and supplements we select for our patients, to the way we care for our patients, to our adherence program, we believe that quality is essential to helping our patients achieve better health.


We believe in family. This is a family business. All of our family members have played a significant role in helping us live our dream of serving our community from not only supporting us fully but to the physical work and the dreaming of this building and the pharmacy that resides within it. Our family is the reason why we get to do the things we love. And we love them more than anything.


We believe in community. We believe in service to our community. We love that we get to call this place home and we will work to support the community to the best of our ability. Not only will our business work to serve the community by bettering the quality of care that they will receive, but we will work to bring awareness to community services and volunteer our time to help those services reach more people that need their help. We believe that by working together we will achieve greater health for our community.

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Our Services
Elder woman and her caretaker

Ally Pharmacy is so much more than a place to receive medications. We provide services and products to our patients that maximize our patient's health and betters our community. We work together with you to take an active role in your healthcare by providing...

  • Prescription Services

  • 24/7 Refill on the Ally Website or App

  • Compliance Packaging

  • Medication Synchronization

  • Immunizations

  • Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamins & Supplements

  • Over-the-Counter Medications

  • In-Store Health and Wellness Events

  • Free Delivery Service to Your Home or Business

  • Convenient Drive-Thru Service

  • Medication Therapy Management Services

  • Nutritional Supplement Consultation

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Meet Our Family

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